My Solo Project
Music by Akumu
Composer/Sound Designer
Deane Hughes
Deane Hughes

Music for Moving Images by Composer Deane Hughes

Scores and Soundtracks for Film, Documentary, Television, Web, Games, Installations and Sound Design

Deane Hughes is Toronto-based composer for film and television. His original music can be heard regularly on Court TV, Life Network, OLN and is available on DVD from 20th Century Fox Entertainment (worldwide) and Alliance Atlantis (North America). His recent credits include writing full scores for the documentary "Inside Your Threads" (MuchMusic), feature film "Last Call" (suspense drama), television documentaries on "Serial Killers" (crime profile) and on "J.R.R. Tolkien" (biography), and an educational video for best-selling author Tracey Hogg.

Deane is a multi-instrumentalist and established recording artist performing under the pseudonym, "Akumu". He combines traditional instrumentation with digital manipulation, creating atmospheric and dark compositions. He has written and produced music released in Germany, Italy, USA and Canada and his tracks were featured in the premiere episode of the Warner Bros TV series Nikita, aired around the globe. Deane is currently finishing the edit on his sixth cd and is composing music for gallery installations.